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Creating A Remote Mount Connecting Two Synology Arrays

I’m always interested in learning and one of the biggest takeaways from being a member of the tech community, is learning from your fellow peers. A few weeks back, I stumbled upon Dave Stevens post describing how he connected two Synology Arrays. Dave and I discussed this in Tim Smith’s Discord channel, and I have finally decided to give this a try. This is no way trying to take credit for Dave’s work and time, but more of a way to describe my experience and also share any differences I may come across. Dave is a super nice guy and is always more than willing to share his experiences with everyone so we can all improve together.

For the purpose of this post, I have two Synology NAS arrays and they include the DS920+ and the DS723+. Something to keep in mind and it’s one subtle difference between my NAS arrays and Dave’s. Mine are both running DSM version Update 4, while Dave’s NAS arrays were running v6 and v7 respectively at the time of his post, so the GUI interface between the two versions may have changed and you may notice this in my screenshots throughout this post.

I will be transferring over 34GB

  • Log into the Synology NAS where you want the Remote Mount to be be. In this example, I want to transfer data from the DS920+, so I’ll log into to the DS723+ to begin.
  • On the DSM (DiskStation Manager) desktop, double-click Control Panel, and then do the same for Shared Folder to create the new shared folder.
  • Select the down arrow next to Create, followed by Create Shared Folder. When prompted to do so, provide a Name and Description for the new Shared Folder, and then select Next to proceed. You’ll have an additional settings to choose from and they may include Encryption, Advanced Settings, and User Permissions. Once you’ve made your desired options, please select Next and then Apply to confirm.
  • Once the Shared Folder has been successfully created, double-click File Station on the DSM desktop, select the folder (Remote Mount in this example), Tools, Mount Remote Folder, and then CIFS Shared Folder.
CIFS Shared Folder
  • Complete the Mount Remote Folder pop-up window with the required information and then select Mount. As Dave pointed out in his post and the same applies to mine, the folder in the image below is the shared folder on the remote NAS (in this example, it’s from the DS723+). The account name and password also refer to the remote NAS (DS723+). The Mount To: field contains the Remote Mount folder created above.
Mount Remote Folder
  • The Remote Folder should now be listed in the list of folders on the Remote NAS. For the purpose of this post, I used the Google Drive that I synced using the Synology Cloud Sync app found in a previous blog post.
Remote Folder (DS723+)
  • Double click on the Remote Folder mount (the Google Drive on the DS723+ in this example) to confirm the contents match the remote folder shared (from the DS920+)
Remote Folder (DS723+)
  • To confirm the steps I’ve shared in this post are accurate and valid, I compared the properties of the two folders (DS920+ and DS723+) and both are identical (size, # of file and folders).

This concludes this blog post. If I have missed anything or if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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