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Schedule python scripts on your Synology

On a previous post I showed you how to install Python 3.9 and virtual environments on your Synology.

On this post, we are going to learn how to schedule them!

Upload python script to your virtual environment

We finish our previous post with the creation of the virtual environment, now we need to add our python script to our project folder:

Schedule your script

To schedule our script we are going to create a Task.

Go to Control Panel >Task Scheduler:

And create a Scheduled Task > User defined Script:

And give it a name and make sure the user you choose has access to the script:

Set the schedule:

and now:

  1. Click run details if you want to get the results by email or get notified if the script fails
  2. Point to where python is installed in the projects virtual environment

Change user name by the name of the user:


3. Point to the python file is installed.

If you are unsure, right click on the file to see the file path:

Separate both paths with a space.

and finally run it to test it and you are done!

My python script scraped Day ahead energy prices for stockholm and published them to my instance and there it is:

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