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New NAS, new RAM | Upgrading my DS923+ to 64GB RAM

I recently bought a new Synology NAS (!) , the brand new DS923+ and as always it comes from the factory with a tiny 4GB RAM so as with all my other NASes, it was time for an upgrade.

How to upgrade

The process is the same as I did before, but I will show you some pictures to bring you confidence that it can be done 🙂

What to buy

Ok, you need to decide first how much memory you want and the same rule applies now as it did then:

You can never have too much RAM, so buy as much as you can afford.

I checked the review that NAS compare did and settled for 2x32GB Kingston. I prefer to buy crucial, but someone tried it online and it didn’t work, so I settled for Kingston instead.

Install it

Right, the steps:

1. Shut donw the NAS
2. Unplug the NAS, (remember which slot you had the ethernet cable on)
3. Take out the disks (remember the order!)

I put them on top of each other to know how to put them back in the right order:

WD Reds NAS, never buy anything else. Been working for me for over 10 years!

4. Take out all RAM (it is a bit tricky: check this if you are stuck)

5. Put the new ones on (check this if you are stuck again)

Put everything back together and voila! 64 angry horse power on. 🙂


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